Project: iManage

Location: Chicago, IL

Photos By: Kendall McCaugherty, Hall +Merrick Photography

iManage provides intelligent, cloud-enabled, secure database platforms to more than 2,000 law firms and 500 corporate legal departments. iManage’s new office design speaks to both the high-tech company character and the traditional law firm client base.

Propelled by their inclusive culture and global reach, iManage prioritizes the needs of staff as individuals. This project was planned and constructed during the pandemic, as the role of the workplace moved further from individual seating and more towards collaborative spaces. A monumental stair joins an upstairs game room to the central town hall. The game room, featuring Lux Tube from Orbit Brands, presses all the right buttons △, O, X, and ▢ to unlock some fun with their employees. Lux Tube is one of many customizable fixtures that bring both general illumination and a bit of something special to every space.

Products Used: