Project: Hopewell Moose Lodge/Family Center

Location: Hopewell, VA

Members of the Hopewell Moose Lodge are committed to caring for others, while enjoying the fellowship and good times, of one big family. Our membership is a diverse group of ages, ethnicity and backgrounds. We offer a safe, relaxing and fun place to come and have fun with friends and family. We are STRONG in our community and the tri-city area. We believe in helping and supporting those in our area, from our schools, public safety, military and charitable organizations.

The Ring Light from Lighting Elements was chosen for a decorative, modern, but timeless focal point for the ballroom in the rebuilt 18,000 square foot Moose Lodge in Hopewell, VA. The Ring Light was chosen in single, double, and triple ring configurations, showcasing it’s versatility and scale.

Products Used: