Project: Commonwealth Charter Academy Erie PA

Location: Commonwealth Charter Academy Erie, PA

Architect: Strada architects Pittsburgh

Partner: Repco II

Photographers: CRAIG THOMPSON PHOTOGRAPHY, Josh Baran – Repco II

We all want the best of everything for our children as parents.  That not only means the best clothes, toys and clothing, the best friends and more importantly, the best success.  To have the latter, to be successful, the people at the Commonwealth Charter Academy in Erie PA have done just that!  The Charter School of Excellence provides small and safe learning environments for students in grades 6-12 in Erie, PA. We believe all kids can learn and be successful in the right environment with programming to meet their needs.   The environment is made of many different factors, one that often gets overlooked, is the lighting and good feelings and emotions that it can provide.  The CCA of Erie has done just that, as seen in one of the entrances with the Zanetti fixtures.  When entering the CCA Erie, you will be greeted with a happy, inviting art display above you, done solely with lighting!  The Zanetti offers different diameters, real wood and beautiful soft lighting.  Set at different heights and different diameters, the Zanetti offers unique design and contrast for a very artistic space.  NAL Lighting Group and Lighting Elements are happy to provide decorative lighting options for any theme design build projects. Contact us today.

Products Used: