The Wiley fixture is designed to work in a variety of spaces. The fixture is made of metal, making it both beautiful and durable. It is available in 7 shapes and the light source comes from 1 lamp, E27/E26 LED bulb[s] (not included).

Design A Dimensions: W18*H41cm
Design B Dimensions: W20*H31cm
Design C Dimensions: W25*H18cm
Design D Dimensions: W30*H22cm
Design E Dimensions: W30*H31cm
Design F Dimensions: W30*H32cm
Design G Dimensions: W35*H30cm


Applicability: Interior
Finish: Rust
Light source: LED Bulb (not included)
Material: Metal
Performance: 1 x 12W
Power: 110-120v
Socket: E27/E26
Chain/Cord: Adjustable
Canopy: 4.5” (11.4cm)