Vibe Eco Square


Combining the elements of color, shape, light, Vibe Eco Square is an extremely versatile lighting tool for a range of projects. It is available in sizes ranging from 14.2”*14.2”up to 31.5”*31.5”., a beveled regress from the outer profile reveals an evenly illuminated satin lens, plus different colors for the inside bevel and outside frame to match the environment of your application. Standard safe cable lenghth:5ft(cab be customized).


  • 4 sizes to choose from ranging from 14.2” to 31.5” dia
  • Aluminum body construction
  • Surface or Pendant Mount
  • Available in standard light, acoustic w/light or acoustic only (no light)
  • 2 outer color options
  • Various inner color options
  • Various acoustic felt colors
  • 0-10v dimming