Quadro is an office workspace light with “Dark Light Optics” which allows a nearly glare-free lighting of the workplace through ingenious reflector technology with maximum reduced dimensions, that fits elegantly into any workplace. Minimalism was always in focus during all phases of the development process. A challenge arose to find a new approach to the light output on the top of the luminaire, harmonizing the spaciousness and uniformity of a softly lit ceiling with the requirement of greatly reduced construction height. To emit light onto the workspace, a Dark Light reflector should capture the chaotic rays of light and then guide them in a calm and orderly manner in the desired direction. In addition to the parabolic side surfaces of the reflector to its depth also contributes to achieving maximum comfort. At this point in development optimum glare suppression was given preference over the originally desired square shape. The ideal anti-glare angle for workstations with computer displays could be achieved by a further uncompromising reduction of the width of the luminaire, without having to change the already optimized overall height. In this sense, quadro is an equally balanced office light which solves the “squaring the circle” in the interests of maximum efficiency, maximum glare control and minimalistic design. Now available in both surface and pendant mounting with over 2 million color combinations between fixture body, louver color, and cord color, the quadro not only shines as a high performance low glare fixture, but now as a design element as well.



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