Easy Nevada AC

easy nevada ac


The Easy Nevada, its a small profile with four individual COB’s that works as high contrast lighting using three different beam angles of 42°, 51° and 61°. It is perfect to achieve focal accents and also to give a distinctive and custom view to the whole fixture.


Body: Extruded Aluminum
Post optic: Inyected Aluminum
Finish : Electrostatic Paint
CRI: 97
IP: 20
Efficiency: 78.9%
Step MacAdam: 3
Lifetime: >50.000 h / L70B50
Driver: Integrated
Voltage : 120 – 277V
Color Temp : 3000K / 3500K / 4000K / 5000K
Operating Temp: -4 to 86 °F
Fixture Finish Color: Black, white, anodized
(Other colors on req)
Beam Angle: 42°, 51°, 61°