Easy Capella


The Easy Capella linear profile from architectural lighting manufacturer Luxycon provides a linear lighting system with shielded light source and premium glare control (UGR < 19). Capella is available four mounting options and can accomplish horizontal or vertical change of direction. Fixture is made of extruded aluminum housing, Optical assembly utilizes a sealed light chamber for overall efficiency greater than 84% from source emission. Available with either linear ‘line of light’ or individual spots in ‘high contrast’ option. Revit file available upon request.


Body: Extruded Aluminum
Diffuser: Matt Opaline Acrylic
Finish : Electrostatic Paint
Optical set: Sealed Chamber Technology
CRI: 80
IP: 40
Efficiency: 87%
Step MacAdam: 3
Lifetime: >50.000 h / L70B50
Driver: Integrated
Voltage : 120 – 277V
Color Temp : 3000K / 3500K / 4000K / 5000K
Operating Temp: -4 to 86 °F
Fixture Finish Color: Black, white, anodized
(Other colors on req)