News: New Manufacturer: Luxycon


North America Lighting, offering a wide array of unique architectural and decorative lighting products for the United States and Canada, is pleased to announce exclusive new partnerships with a new premier international lighting manufacturer, Luxycon based in Columbia. These new lighting options will add to our existing portfolio of products in a complimentary way, in turn offering our local representatives, architects, and designers unparalleled options for new projects. LUXYCON’s specialty is in commercial, hospitality and residential lighting. Through our partnership, we can build custom design luminaries which can easily integrate with the space design, providing high finishes and optical performance. Luxycon is proud to have 14 product families available with full UL certification to the US market for ease of production, delivery and installation.

Bilux System

Unleash your creativity – the Bilux Skuto system from Luxycon features bi-lateral light distribution from a trapezoidal linear profile. Whether wall mounted, ceiling mounted or pendant mounted in either orientation, the Bilux Skuto allows for unique architectural lighting options and multiple angle connections and configurations. In addition to the primary bi-lateral light distribution, the Bilux Skuto system can be configured with secondary lighting elements such as spotlights, or additional linear light (diffused or louvered).
Custom Installations and Capabilities

With several architectural linear solutions available, Luxycon provides lighting tools to help define projects. Consult NAL today to get started!